The Teignmouth Tin Man and his Dog by Mike & Kerry Leaman

By trailadmin

P1010610Kerry Leaman Kerry Leaman tin dog Leaman Tin Man
The ‘Tin Man and his Dog’ was inspired by the timeless classic ‘The Wizard of Oz’ written by L. Frank Baum and celebrating its 116th birthday in May of this year. This story has captured the imagination of generations and still is a hit as a novel, film and stage show.
The Tin Man and his dog, Toto, are made almost entirely from recycled materials sourced from local establishments, a domestic recycling box and the good-old kitchen cupboard. We wanted to create something out of the mountain of tin cans which are emptied on a daily basis across the country. The design of this garden sculpture was ever-evolving as new recyclable materials were sourced to add in the finer detail. Slowly, through a lot of modelling and re-modelling our garden sculpture was born.

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