Anna Neizvestnova

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Artist Statement

A literary text is a special internal authoring reality which shows itself through its own semantic signs. It needs no embellishment, no visual additions or explanations. Artist book confronts the reality of plastic simulated with the reality of literature, engaging in a complex game interactions, contradictions, or conflict. These two realities lie in parallel planes, but they both are paper realities.

Why does humanity need a system of signs as complex as language? If we assume that human language is a form of cultural replacement for the signal-based communication of animals, why does it serve to transmit a multitude of complex emotional states that do not play any role in the self-preservation of a species?
What is the purpose of poetry? Why is man need of experiencing emotions such as sadness, longing, nostalgia for the past? What makes us empathize with long dead characters of ancient epics? Why do we expect a literary work to follow rules of style and composition? And how are the criteria for assessing those qualities derived?

But the language can build the fake structure theories as viable as well as false. Working with paper, I found its property to express the fragility of such false and fraudulent of theories and values..

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