Barbara Kirk – Celia the Seal

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Every year many seals become entangled in “Ghost Gear” – fishing gear lost at sea which floats around the oceans often for many years causing injury and death to sea mammals like whales,turtles, dolphins,and many other species. Some seals are rescued and rehabilitated by organisations like The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, but others languish painfully until they drown or are attacked and killed.  This sculpture is made from a small section of some Ghost Gear that was hauled in from just by the pier here in Teignmouth. The seal is made using the rag rug tradition but from carrier bags (another hazard)  The net is made from a collection of oddments of rope and twine mended and remade over the years.The juxtaposition of two beautiful, ancient domestic craft skills, net making and rag rugging is both celebratory and poignant.

More information concerning this issue can be found at the inside TRAIL exhibition.

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