• Waitrose Partners led by Diane Jolly – Fish

    We hope this Big Fish appeals to the imaginative tease of Teignmouth. As cheerful as our Big Fish is, we hope he will make people more aware of the damage caused by plastic waste washed-out into the ocean everyday. Unfortunately fish don’t ignore the plastic floating around in their sea, they eat it and perish

  • Barbara Kirk – Celia the Seal

      Every year many seals become entangled in “Ghost Gear” – fishing gear lost at sea which floats around the oceans often for many years causing injury and death to sea mammals like whales,turtles, dolphins,and many other species. Some seals are rescued and rehabilitated by organisations like The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, www.seasanctuaries.com but others languish

  • Teignmouth 4th Brownies

    Who are we: Teignmouth Brownie Guides, girls aged 7 – 10 years. We meet once a week in term time, and encourage girls from all of the local primary schools to come and join us. Brownies Guides are an important part of the Girl Guiding Organisation, which has members in all four corners of the

  • TAAG – Snail

    The snail leaves behind a slimy trail which lets us know it has been around and we leave mountains of landfill in our countryside, islands of rubbish floating in our oceans and deadly toxins in our atmosphere as our legacy. There is no contest as to which creature is the biggest polluter. In spite of

  • HazelDown Primary School – Shower

    Much of the water used in our houses goes into the sewerage system and is cleaned and retreated before entering waterways. Water from surface drains however can be sent directly to sea without treatment. Just like the ‘yellow fish drains’ around the town and sink/bath/shower water from older houses. Have a look where your water

  • Luci Coles – Marine Beautification I

    The waste enhancement programme aims to draw attention to plastic waste in our environment and to elevate it to something of kitsch desirability.

  • Quarry Boat – Amy McCarthy

    This sculpture was inspired by watching the big ships swing round The Point and drop their stone, clay and goods in Teignmouth Port. Once the river and port were teaming with boats sailing up an down the estuary transporting their wares, but now most everything is transported by road; which is a shame because boats

  • Kingsway Youth Groups – Tin Can Catch

    Each fish was cut from a recycled drinks can collected by the community centre, embossed with details and then we caught them all in recycled sports netting. Teignmouth has always relied on the sea for its prosperity, once from fishing and now as a beautiful seaside resort and we need to take good care of

  • Teignmouth Community School – what if the aliens came to visit?

    Plastic is incredible: waterproof, long lasting, flexible and recyclable it is an amazingly versatile and useful material. But the oil we make plastic from is running out and we need to conserve our resources for the future…..but still we use plastic for bottles, packaging and other disposable items we just throw away! What would the

  • West Teignmouth Craft Club – Muffy the Muff

    West Teignmouth Craft Club – Muffy the Muff Rising out of the sea at the front of her driftwood boat Muffy is our first group sculpture project. With driftwood collected from the estuary beaches, cardboard, old chicken wire, a broken paddling pool and a lot of laughter we have created an environmentally friendly figure head.

  • Anne Gwynn – Wild Goat

    WILD GOAT The idea to create a goat for TRAIL came when my plumber left behind a length of steel tubing, which suggested its horns.   After seeing images online of the “Rauhnaechte” wild goat/men during Yule tide I had already begun to make some goat prints using the collagraph method. Materials available on the farm

  • The Pump Potteries – Ropey Old Goat

    Our pottery and mosaic group meets each week at Pumps Pottery in Denbury, which also happens to be home to a small herd of Angora goats. The twine used to fasten bales of straw for the animals bedding has been meticulously saved for years, waiting to find a new purpose… Chatting about these beautiful animals

  • Michelle Greenwood Brown’s Mosaic Group

    This sculpture had been created by adult students attending mosaic workshops led by Michelle Greenwood Brown. The group has been meeting in the TAAG workshop and have all worked together to produce this recycled glass and ceramic mermaid. The message is to take your litter home and keep the beach clean.’

  • Julia Vella – Homage to Kevin, Wildlife Grand Design

    Homage to Kevin Wildlife Grand Design I create work that is functional and fun and choose to use recycled materials as the work also tackles some environmental challenges of our time. The wildlife life hotels are a response to the fact that our gardens are home to a wide range of living creatures and can

  • David Jones – Love the Bees Gallery Exhibitor

    Without the bees our food would cost astronomically to what is does today as I believe 70% of our food comes from the aid of the bees who are in great decline. www.timeout4u.co.uk

  • Sea Dragon by Karen and Liz Lockyear

    Sea Dragon by Karen and Liz Lockyear The Sea Dragon is a mythical creature but pollution of our sea is a reality. If the dragon could speak it would ask us to make a huge effort to clean up our seas as plastics remain in the environment for hundreds of years and cause serious damage

  • Bridget Arnold – Harnessing the Wind

    ‘Harnessing the Wind ‘ I came upon two Parachutes as a chance gift from a lady in Shaldon, who knew that I made flags and thought I might be able to use them, this gave me the recycled element for a Flag, but also gave me the idea of how wind is used as a

  • Starcross History Group – The Swan of the Exe

    The brand new Starcross History group presents the iconic, Victorian, maritime folly, The Swan of the Exe. Captain George Peacock commissioned Dixons of Exmouth to build his luxurious white and gold  yacht in the form of a swan. She was moored at Starcross. She survived until the 1960s, but rises again to join T.R.A.I.L. to

  • CEDA – Digital Grave Yard

    Digital Graveyard   CEDA is an Exeter based charity organisation working with disabled adults, children and young people offering a range of meaningful learning and social opportunities. This year’s entry for TRAIL focuses on the ‘throwaway’ culture we have adopted with regards to technology. We live in a world where when something technical breaks down

  • Dawlish Community College – Fantasy Fish

    During Year 7 our students visit the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to gather inspiration for our natural forms drawing project. During one of our visits we were inspired by a junk sculpture trail of sea creatures which included a giant lobster made from car tyres and fishing netting. Students were asked to raid their

  • Jenny Harriman

    WHAT’S THE HARM IN SUN BURN?   Did you know that your chances of getting melanoma (skin cancer) double if you have 5 or more sunburns? With global warming we are all at risk.   The two most common non-melanoma skin cancers, Basel cell carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are directly linked to

  • Peter Stride – Wave Breaker

    WAVEBREAKER My entry is a sculpture of an Aeolian Harp. An Aeolian harp is played by the wind ,(subject to the wind velocity), Teignmouth’s sea front is a windy environment , hopefully on occasions my harp will harness the wind. The harp sculpture is made from an old pair of water ski’s ,yew branches from

  • Tree of Opportunity – Sense Intervenor Services and artist Allie Giles – Gallery Exhibitor

    TREE OF OPPORTUNITY As part of Sense initiative on art / well being this project took root at Providence Court, home of Sense Intervenor Services. Deafblind people were supported to experience trees from different perspectives. People brought ideas by taking walks, selecting colours, patterns and drawing about trees and leaves. photos and experiences of the

  • Sarah Tansey – Clothed life drawing – draw a mermaid

    From the depths of the sea a colourful mermaid you are invited to draw!  Come and join in the art fun at Teignmouth Seafront this August with three weekends of model drawing using recycled materials. See TAAG Gallery for more information on dates. Sea you there!

  • Lee Godfree – Gallery Exhibitor

    Recycled backing, painted with recycled gloss paint, much of which comes from Recycling in Ottery, where Lee worked for several years. Mob: 07828877596 E:mail Lee.Godfree@outlook.com

  • Janec Van Veen – Unstitching the Rainbow

    About half of all seabird species are known to ingest plastic causing disease and death. With its permanence in the ocean, plastic is a growing environmental issue, which highlights our need to prioritise waste management and to take greater personal responsibility to recycle.

  • Susan Plover – Sex on the Beach

    Very pleased to have Susan Plover join TRAIL this year! A talented young British artist from Leigh in Lancashire! We always love to have new people join our event and this piece sounds very thought provoking, Susan says of this piece: The piece I have created is a site specific installation made from !00% recycled

  • Malcom Curley – Hiking on an Empty Stomach

    ‘Hiking on an empty stomach’ is the first in an anticipated series originally inspired by the bronze sculptures of French sculptor Bruno Catalano.  My light-hearted work, however, is made entirely with recycled materials and is designed to raise a smile.  I like to create shapes and forms which make the viewer speculate how they’ve been constructed, and

  • A Magical Summer in Shaldon!

      The Shaldon part of the TRAIL is being headed up by our fantastic volunteer Dee Holdsworth who is overseeing the transformation of the botanical gardens into a wonderland, full of sculptures made by the local community!     Shaldon Artists are creating a magical trail which starts on the Teignmouth to Shaldon Ferry and leads

  • Dawlish Community College – Fantasy Fish!

      Thank you to Liz Lithglow, Head of Art at Dawlish Community College for enabling the students to create a sculpture for this year’s TRAIL Their submission is inspired by, “..one of our visits we were inspired by a junk sculpture trail of sea creatures which included a giant lobster made from car tyres and

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