Dawlish Community College – Bug hotels

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These insects were constructed by our Year 9 students as part of their first GCSE project on ‘Structures’. We completed research on Bug Hotels, the insects that live in them and artists that work with recycled materials and decided to complete our own artwork using junk materials found in college and at home.


We started by producing precise drawings of an assortment of insects and then collected a range of recycled materials. Making the sculptures encouraged students to consider the physical structure of the creatures they were making, whilst also working creatively to discover which junk materials fit together most successfully to help their creature evolve. The amazing hotels were made by our talented technician Jason Parnell using old drawers and wood offcuts from the college site.


We are all hoping to encourage a variety of bugs and creepy crawlies to stay for a summer holiday by the sea!


Liz Lithgow

Dawlish Community College
Dawish community college dawlish community college bug

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