Flameworks Artists – Muddy Waters

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AIMG_2076-LG-VN-discussion IMG_2085CP&LG-Muddy Waters WIP large ceramic and mixed-media installation by 4 professional ceramists and sculptors: Lorraine Gilroy, Verity Newman, Jan O’Highway and Christina Peters, all members of Flameworks in Plymouth.

“MUDDY WATERS is based on the symbolically transformative concept of the Lotus rising out of the mud.

As sculptors and makers we are all concerned to find ways of making safe the highly poisonous metallic waste materials inevitably produced by working with ceramic glazes. For Muddy Waters we have taken a quantity of this toxic clay sludge from Flameworks, individually formed it into a variety of flower shapes, and then fired these to over 1000C. The heat recombines metal and clay thereby recreating an inert ceramic ‘stone’ material. By combining these forms with discarded plastic and other unloved material we are simultaneously keeping the waste out of the landfill and creating a thriving, dynamic composition of flowers, stems, abstract and open forms – a colourful art work to provoke comment and discussion.”

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