Gatehouse Academy/Langdon Hospital Art Group/Dawlish Friends Joint Sculptures (led by Mellissia Muldoon) Dragons

By trailadmin

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Dragons People watching ‘oer Loch Ness, thought monsters they did see, Looked just like a row of old car tyres to me’ These recycled sculptures, that really are car tyres, Look to me like magic dragons, breathing fire. New Planet? Our planet is getting full, of rubbish that we scatter, Its floating out in space, non biodegradable matter. Can we carry on, all take and never give, Until there simply isn’t any room in which to live? Sure, we’ve spaceships now that travel to the stars, Lets go there and make a mess of a planet that’s not ours, Lay the land to waste, leave destruction all about, Or shall we start to clean up now before our time runs out.

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