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Lili John is a Contemporary Artist based in Totnes, Devon.  Lili is the Creative Director of ‘Sandstorm’ a fashion business and she is a mix media Artist who takes her inspiration from her mixed heritage background and working with women in nature.

Lili studied antique porcelain restoration in London in the 1980s, whilst she was in her early 20s and applied her skills to the family Antique business. She then spent a 20 year period working as an Executive Search Consultant in London. In 1996 she moved to Bedfordshire and set up and ran several businesses.   Lili returned to her first love of art and design in 2005 and began exhibiting her work and taking on commissions for her mix media wall art. In 2009 she began creating couture resort wear for a host of international celebrity clientele which she still does today via the brand ‘Sandstorm’ and in 2013 she began creating and selling contemporary ceramics which she sells via galleries throughout the UK.

In the summer of 2015 she began: ‘The in -Visible Project’ and created images and a short film in the grounds of the Sharpham Estate with the Totnes Women’s Institute. The in-Visible Project was initially a fashion campaign which grew into a separate movement about women empowerment. In-Visible raises awareness of women in society, being marginalised and the public perception of growing older within a community.   The women who are part of the in-visible project are not invisible, they feel their voices can be heard and therefore wish to speak up for those who are not heard.

Contributing artists to the in-Visible exhibition

Members from the Totnes WI craft group (Kate, Julie, Suzette, Sue, Rachel) have all created beautiful brooches called Wild Women and Tree of Life to sell at the exhibition.

Lyn is a local jewellery creator and she has made beautiful recycled silver and semi-precious stone accessory to sell.

The other in-visible project women have all contributed by offering their services on a volunteer basis (it’s amazing how much work goes into creating an exhibition)! Namely: Christine, Margaret, Mags, Marg, Jacki, Jenny.12718137_10153717084302928_3570476023998200019_n 12799023_10153653315612928_1074365485867603497_n 12931218_10153768160542928_1448640131825663081_n 12933148_10153766517397928_6134579656332533772_n 12986978_10153790941767928_4910239811291790430_n 12987007_10153790941597928_4418614459456500438_n 12998719_10153790942467928_6074500923633674397_n 13000134_10153790942237928_6946548036785950340_n 13000269_10153790941317928_4555255817051139658_n 13000299_10153790941932928_8496017424643839424_n 13012751_10153790942197928_8671964337394293702_n 13015597_10153790941777928_6525125376897685512_n 13043363_10153790941067928_5400924820229970005_n 13051695_10153790945472928_7127510885204280403_n

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