Julia Vella – Homage to Kevin, Wildlife Grand Design

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Homage to Kevin

Wildlife Grand Design

I create work that is functional and fun and choose to use recycled materials as the work also tackles some environmental challenges of our time. The wildlife life hotels are a response to the fact that our gardens are home to a wide range of living creatures and can contain over 2,000 different species of invertebrate. Many of these are very small, so are often over-looked. With all this diversity of life it is good to know that very few creatures cause significant damage and there are many more creatures that help us control the pests and by providing the right habitats we can greatly increase the number of beneficial insects in the garden. Some wild invertebrates, such as bumblebees and solitary bees, are declining in numbers in the wider countryside, so by providing homes we can contribute to their conservation.


Julia Vella


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