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Gull, Cages, and Corvids,


Humans define the world around them; we label and classify other species according to our needs and desires.  Some we decide are food, others pets, vermin, pests, caged, wild, domesticated, hunted.  ‘Gull, Cages and Corvids’ is a small statement about this wider issue. It expresses the multidimensional threat towards birds and our attitude towards them. Some birds we cage, some we eat, some we hunt, others we save and encourage to thrive, like the Cornish Cough (the emblem of Cornwall).


Written on the perches you will see information about Gulls, Coughs, Crows and birds in general, highlighting issues that face birds around the globe. The reclaimed cages represent the captivity, transportation and trapping of birds. The birds are made from reclaimed wire,  fishing line and debris .The Cough and Herring Gull provide a stark contrast. Gulls are labelled ‘vermin’ and many eradication programmes are in place including egg pricking, and the use of spikes while the Cornish Chough has a conservation programme in place to encourage an increase their population.





Artist Background

Katrina Slack artist based in St Ives Cornwall. She is well known for her work with recycled materials. She has worked with ‘World Animal Protection’ and Surfers Against Sewage’ making life-size sculptures for their ‘Sea Change’ campaign. She has also provided sculptures for Krowji Arts Project, Cornwall and ‘  ‘It’s not rubbish art show’ Bude. Her work is also sold in galleries in St Ives and Porthleven as well as in her own gallery in Carbis Bay, St Ives. Originally from Exeter, Devon, she lived in London for many years working as a photographer. She moved to Cornwall in 2001.



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