Met Office / TRAIL Sandscape

By trailadmin

The Met Office have spent the day with us on Teignmouth Beach holding sand sculpting workshops, building a sand city and then blowing dry ice through the city to show how air pollution works and affects our health and environment.

Sandscape is an interactive sand sculpture workshop about how weather and climate affect our health that was first presented at Green Man festival 2015. Budding sand sculptors are shown how to fashion elaborate structures from sand and water – creating a landscape with bridges, towers, factories and even stadiums. As they work alongside scientists from the Met Office they are encouraged to reflect on what makes a healthy city, discussing with the scientists how the natural and built environments influence air quality and circulation and how this impacts our health.

Each hour long workshop culminates in a dramatic demonstration that uses dry ice to represent clean air circulating from mountains, along rivers and into cities.

We have another full day of workshops on Saturday 6th August 2016. Registration from 11 am for  12pm, 2pm and 4pm come and find us to the left of the pier on Teignmouth Beach


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