• New addition

    New links and information have been added to our new TRAIL education resource bank. We strive to bring you updates and further information and links to websites that provide you with resources and materials for you to use to plan and run your environment, recycling or climate change themed topic.  

  • Three new pages now launched on the TRAIL website

    We are proud to launch three new pages on our website: TRAIL education resource bank where educators can find links to resources, websites, videos and lots of other materials to share, inspire and educate their class peers or schools. TRAIL at work This page gives links to websites and materials to help anyone that would

  • TRAIL 2017 Winners

    After a wonderful summer display of sculptures on Teignmouth seafront, the public have chosen their winners of this years TRAIL  prizes. Special guests the Mayor of Teignmouth Paul Burgess and Toby Buckland presented the prizes to the chosen artists and community groups. Check our website for the full list of winners and wonderful images of

  • Today is the Day

    Voting has closed, votes have been counted and verified, the results are ………. Being presented, 3pm today at TAAG Arts and Community Centre 4-5 Northumberland Place Teignmouth TQ14 8LH Come and watch the prize giving and browse around the inside TRAIL exhibition

  • There is still time!

    There is just under a week left of our FREE recycled art and craft workshops. There are loads of great resources available and plenty of ideas too. Come and join us at TAAG from 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm each day until the 4th September. Here are a few one session workshop projects

  • Awards in less than a week

    If you have not yet voted, this week is your last chance. The sculpture award ceremony is being held on Sunday 3rd of September and all votes will be counted to decide who has won the prizes. Have a walk around Teignmouth seafront or check here on our website for the individual sculptures. You can

  • Workshops still running

    TRAIL in association with TAAG are still running FREE art and craft workshops. Workshops continue to run daily at 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm until the 4th of September. Our workshop is jam packed full of lots of different resources for you to create something from, come with an idea, look at our

  • The MET Office to start

    THe MET office have set up in TAAG and will be welcoming visitors from 10am this morning. Pop along and take part in the weather themed activities and talks and enjoy a browse around the Inside TRAIL exhibition.

  • MET office to begin at 10am

    The MET Office will be starting their day of weather related craft, activities and talks  from 10am tomorrow. Come and meet the TRAIL and MET office teams and have a browse around the Inside trail exhibition at TAAG 4-5 northumberland Place Teignmouth TQ14 8DD

  • The Met Office @TRAIL

    The Met Office is coming to TRAIL on 22nd August at TAAG Arts and Community Centre . Weather related craft/activity sessions will be running between 10am and 4pm with 10 min talks on a range of weather and climate topics at 11am, 12, 1, 2 and 3pm TAAG Arts and Community Centre 4/5 Northumberland Place,

  • Wallace was here

    Wow, it has been amazing to have seen so many people come and join us on the seafront and on the den over the past three days. Wallace the wet wipe monster and the Marine Conservation Society have loved their stay here in Teignmouth, educating, informing and having loads of fun and have now said

  • Free workshops for all

    TRAIL in association with TAAG have begun FREE art and craft workshops open to everyone. The workshops are running every day 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm until  the 4th September All resources are provided as is a warm welcome on arrival We look forward to seeing you all there. TAAG 4-5 Northumberland Place,

  • Wallace is getting ready

    Come and join us at Teignmouth Seafront today, tomorrow and Thursday, to meet Wallace the wet wipe monster and the Marine Conservation Society for lots of fun activities and information. The TRAIL team will be waiting to meet and great all from 11 Am each day on the seafront. See you there….

  • Drone video to go live …

    Thanks to CC Aerial Solutions, TRAIL 2017 has had amazing capture from land level and drone imagery too, all will be revealed this evening here on our website and to follow on facebook.

  • Amazing Drone photos of TRAIL at dawn

    Huge thanks to CC Aerial Solutions  for their amazing photos of the TRAIL which they took at 5.30 this morning! TRAIL Wearable Art sponsor template (1)

    recycled art Morth Hope and Renewal
  • Sculpture TRAIL 2017 Voting NOW OPEN

    The vote to decide the winner of the public vote and the community prize has now begun. Place your vote now for your favourite sculpture in the 2017 Outdoor Sculpture TRAIL You can vote online at www.trailart.co.uk at Teignmouth Arts Action Group – TAAG CIC,  Pavilions Terignmouth or Teignbridge Leisure Resort Office Good luck to

  • CC Aerial Solutions Drone capture of Sculpture TRAIL

    News just in…. CC Aerial Solutions have kindly agreed to capture the sculpture TRAIL 2017 on film Filming will take place after the full installation of the sculpture TRAIL. The drone and other filming CC Aerial Solutions has offered TRAIL helps us to make art accessible to a wider audience and gives us images of

    recycled art environmental art cc aerial soluc#tions
  • Dawlish Community College

    For the TRAIL art exhibition, our idea was making bumble bees and putting them around and inside glass jars. The jars we used were collected from our houses and were recycled, also, some of the bees were made out of the yellow capsules inside kinder eggs. The idea behind this was that the bees in

  • Michelle Greenwood Brown and Rose Bailey – Give Bees a Chance progression

    GIVE BEES A CHANCE Michelle Greenwood-Brown and Rose Bailey “Bumblebees are one of the most endearing insect visitors to any garden. Their furry, colourful bodies and clumsy flight always raise a smile, but they also do an essential job. Without their pollination services many flowers would produce no seeds, and fruit and vegetable yields would suffer.”

  • Waitrose Teignmouth, Community Matters Green Token Collection all JULY

    Waitrose Teignmouth have kindly placed us in their Community Matters Token collection this month. Please help to support TRAIL by popping the green token you are given at the counter of Waitrose Teignmouth into TRAILS token collection box near the exit of the shop. Each token goes towards a higher donation of funds from Waitrose

  • A 22 year-old has a plan to clear the oceans of plastic – BBC Three

    Eight million tonnes of plastics end up in the world’s oceans every year, strangling seals and sea turtles, becoming ingested by fish, and forming epic stretches of polluted water.Twenty-two year-old Boyan Slat thinks he may just have the answer. Source: A 22 year-old has a plan to clear the oceans of plastic – BBC Three

  • The Waitrose Collective and Steve McGlenThe Waitrose Flower Tower

    “A celebration of creativity, nature and recycling” Made from waney edged timber (a bi product of a local saw mill), offcuts of plywood from the Prop Shop in Exeter and other recycled materials and found objects (sticks) with the plant pots made from old tin cans and the roof tiles made from recycled mdf board. It

  • 1st Bishopsteignton Scout Group,

    1st Bishopsteignton Scout Group is an ever-growing and dynamic group who thoroughly enjoy working towards various badges.  Recently, the Scouts have explored their connection with the world and the enormity of the global scouting movement; 40 million members; 400,000 in the UK alone.   Following the creation of a sculpture down on the Teign estuary

  • Nicci Wonnacott, Arctic Ghost Dress

    Nicci Wonnacott’s practice is titled: LIFE, ART & POLITICS. As an international artist-activist she has a strong background in The Manifesto, through art action /performance, participatory art, site-specifically mapping her body in pubic space, she has performed in New York and Berlin, Holland and Ireland. Working within social commentary, documentation and archiving ,spoken word, text,

  • Clare Seal Empty Nests

     Living in Starcross, I spend much time walking in nature while wondering about why modern society squanders what should be treasured.  My submission for TRAIL, ‘Empty Nests’, explores both this theme of wastefulness and also the sense of the freedom/loss I am experiencing with my daughters moving away from home. I have sewn and knitted

  • Starting Soon . . . . . . . . . .

    Come and join us at TAAG,  Sundays from 14th May, 2;30 -4:30 pm for our recycled art workshops. Help us create recycled sculpture for this years sculpture TRAIL on Teignmouth seafront. Workshops are all free & fun for ages 7-16 years. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Morth – Hope and Renewal

    Reclaimed historic burnt timbers In Oct 2016, fire destroyed buildings on Exeter Cathedral Green.  This was a tragedy.  Yet after tragedy something always emerges. The circle of life continues. Some of these fire-damaged timbers came from trees that grew in the 1500s.  Rather than be thrown away, this wood has a new life. www.morth.co.uk/hope        @morthmorth1

  • Stover School – Makeral Patch

    We have been learning all about the pacific garbage patch and the effect it is having on our oceans, our planet and ourselves as the fish digest more and more plastic, killing eco systems and entering the human food chain The Fish are still to be completed by year 8 at Stover School. They are

  • Help TRAIL get up to £5000 funding with Tesco Bags of Help

    TRAIL is thrilled to announce we have be selected for the Tesco Bags of Help project! Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help initiative across England and Wales. The scheme sees three community groups and projects in each of around 200 Tesco regions awarded grants of £5,000, £2,000 and £1,000 –

  • Deborah Frith

    I made it from scrounged car body panels because I wanted to examine how we view cars and how we view sculpture: that essentially we look at cars in the same way, whether it is something as small as the colour or overall the shape as well as its function, even a modest Corsa, highlighting

  • New for 2017 – Growing Green Sculpture Award

    Here at TRAIL HQ we are getting excited about another year of environmental sculpture and are pleased to announce a new category of award for our TRAIL to encourage sculptures incorporating planting. We got the idea having discussed how to make the sculpture trail have less impact on the flower beds, which led to us

  • Rounding up TRAIL 2016 and rolling out our plans for 2017

    What a great year 2016 has been for TRAIL! As well as a great exhibition, we worked hard to raise money for lots of funded community workshops and have been able to fulfil our core aim of raising awareness of environmental issues and recycling through art. We were also joined by the Met Office for

  • Met Office Sandscape Day 2

                  The second day of the Met Office Sandscape on Teignmouth Beach! Another great day with lovely weather. Many thanks to the Met Office Staff and our TRAIL volunteers for all their hard work. We have had great feed back from participants.

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