Nicci Wonnacott, Arctic Ghost Dress

By trailadmin

Nicci Wonnacott’s practice is titled: LIFE, ART & POLITICS. As an international artist-activist she has a strong background in The Manifesto, through art action /performance, participatory art, site-specifically mapping her body in pubic space, she has performed in New York and Berlin, Holland and Ireland.

Working within social commentary, documentation and archiving ,spoken word, text, drawing, sculpture, film and photography.  Extending through exhibitions,, residencies and commission.


My work often reference’s The Woman in White and The Ghost. In this piece I was inspired by the idea of the The Arctic ghost, signifying global warming.

Using wild knitting (without a pattern or a preconceived idea of form) The Arctic Ghost was revealed.

The materials are 100% recycled.

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