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For this exhibition I would collect discarded and unused objects (rubbish) from the local area of Teignmouth, putting the items I find into sealed black plastic bags or perhaps found plastic bags, which then would be vacuumed, similar to these experiments/prototypes:

I am currently working on these further to produce a bag that can sustain both the vacuum and the possibility of sharp objects held within.
In terms of conception I feel that this conveys a sense of objects being dead once they have been discarded and left; memorialising or preserving these items which have been forgotten in order to evoke notions of consumerism, consumption, non-attachment or disconnection and ignorance within our western disposable culture. The form that will be made isn’t designed but will be made using chance and my unconscious actions so to create a more authentic natural form with respect to the materials and objects I am using.
The size depends upon the amount of objects I would find but I would aim to have an abstract form that would have a rough volume of 2m cubed.
The way in which it would be fixed to the ground would have to be done on-site, but a post running right inside of it that then can be screwed or bolted to the ‘metposts’ would be the most efficient and simple way.
I have a few more examples of my previous work that you can find on my website at:

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