Susan Plover – Sex on the Beach

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Very pleased to have Susan Plover join TRAIL this year! A talented young British artist from Leigh in Lancashire! We always love to have new people join our event and this piece sounds very thought provoking, Susan says of this piece:

The piece I have created is a site specific installation made from !00% recycled materials.It is titled,”Sex on the Beach,” in a darkly witty response to it’s coastal location and form. The piece riffs upon the coctail of the same name and is a full scale replica of a paper parasol often found in holiday drinks. Obviously behind the visual pun of scale there are many serious layers. The art historical significence of both Renoire’s and Magritte’s umbrellas cannot be overlooked. More importantly the viewer is presented with a fragile piece  a deliberately useless device for protection against the elements.
It is basically an umbrella unfit for purpose in these days of increasing GLOBAL WARMING  !
A piece so fragile that the elements will play a deliberate part in it’s evolution as each day it decays possibly only to leave a skeletal form an echo .Is it a reference to our deliberate ignorence of our changing climate as we party untill dawn as storm clouds gather ?
Another more adult layer ,warming to it’s more carnal theme ,held open by two coctail favours labelled “His ,” and “Hers ,” the final gesture is a pearl neclace attached to the main spike . In local parlance this denotes much more than it’s seaside treasure !
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