Waitrose Partners led by Diane Jolly – Fish

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We hope this Big Fish appeals to the imaginative tease of Teignmouth. As cheerful as our Big Fish is, we hope he will make people more aware of the damage caused by plastic waste washed-out into the ocean everyday. Unfortunately fish don’t ignore the plastic floating around in their sea, they eat it and perish shortly afterwards. Our waste is responsible for many deaths in the ocean but we can change! The leviathan you see before you had very humble beginnings. Salvaged wood and an abandoned supermarket basket, found in the road, formed the base and main structure of our fish. Along with a rusty metal basket for the head and a recycled coat hanger for the tail. Recycled chicken wire formed his

curves, which were covered with a papier mache skin, made from old newspapers and fabric. We then proceeded to cover him in bottle caps collected from the Waitrose café and local pubs. The small team from your local Waitrose have had a lot of fun building our Big Fish and we are pleased to say he is 92% recycled. We expect he will bring joy and a little bit of colour to our seaside town.

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