ReFurnish Devon is a social enterprise project that works in partnership with other community sector reuse organisations, local authorities, Environment Agency, Care/Support organisations and others to help minimize waste going to landfill and increase the quantity of goods which are reused. Equally important to Refurnish Devon and its members is the provision of low cost household goods to people on low income throughout Devon.

ReFurnish Devon reuse projects all work in a slightly different way. For some the priority is improving the environment by reducing landfill and increasing reuse, for others providing low cost or free goods to people on low incomes is more important. All member projects provide opportunities for volunteering, work experience and employment opportunities for long term unemployed or retired people.

The ReSTORE project combines the skills of volunteers and local upcycling artists to Rediscover, Recreate & Rejuvenate items of donated furniture and furnishings from its shop and workshop in Dartington. Volunteers work to restore the original beauty to discarded furniture, or creating unique items from damaged or unrepairable items of furniture. They share and learn skills in a friendly creative environment whilst working towards the ReFurnish aim of reducing landfill, carbon emissions and increasing reuse.

We always welcome new volunteers to help in the shop or learn and share skills in our workshop.

The ReStore (ReFurnish) Sculpture Group (Facilitated by Bev Jessop) formed in May of this year, meeting once a week they aim to produce artwork from the discarded items that “cannot” be reused or recycled. Creating a brilliant opportunity to share skills & create unique pieces, the work will continue to promote the ethos of recycling & sustainability.

The focus of their first project is this year’s TRAIL 2018 (Teignmouth Recycled Art In Landscape)

The Sculpture is inspired by the threat on sea creatures through pollution & global warming. Recent media reports have really highlighted the disturbing damage that is being caused by plastic waste & toxic pollution.

Using items not being used by the Restore and waste collected on local beaches the group have worked on a Sea Turtle which is placed in the flowerbeds at Teignmouth creating a juxtaposition of mans ability to create and destroy, beauty and life forms within an environment.