• Things we would like to do

    Hello everyone, today’s activity is a nice reflective craft opportunity. We hope you enjoy and remember to check back daily

  • Tuesday, play day

    Good morning one and all. Today’s activity is a fun drawing game for all to enjoy, with minimum resources needed this game is sure to be a good one to play at home and when out and about in the future. Email pictures of your creations and we will post them for all to enjoy

  • Time flies, do you need wings?

    Time certainly has flown today, without further delay, here is today’s activity. This is a wonderful activity for decoration or in role-play, you can make them as big or small as you like and in any colour too. Enjoy and remember to check back tomorrow for more

  • Sunday craft

    A warm Sunday greeting to you all. Today’s activity is a versatile craft that can be used and made in many ways for many occasions. We hope you enjoy today’s craft, check back tomorrow for more.

  • A Friday ‘tweet’ for you all

    Hello all, it’s strange but true, today is Friday. I’m sure we’re not the only ones forgetting what day it is. Here is today’s activity, continuing with our spring theme, paper birds. These cute little birdies can be made from scraps of paper, wallpaper, old magazines or envelopes. I have decorated my window with a

  • Ladybug, ladybug, oh lady, ladybug

    A crafty good morning to you all. Today’s activity adds to our current spring theme and what is so great is you can make tons of these to decorate walls, windows and anywhere else. Have a crafty good day, and please remember to share

  • Daisy, Daisy give me…

    Good morning all, today’s activity is a lovely spring-themed craft. You can follow the instructions to make a daisy garland or mix it up a bit and make it into a greeting card, table decoration or any other ideas, you decide. Have fun, check back daily and remember, please share.

  • X’s Oh!

    Good morning to you all. Today’s activity is an easy one but will provide many, many hours of play. We hope you enjoy this activity, remember to check back daily for new activities and please share.

  • Just a note…

    Good morning one and all, here is your daily activity. Today we are embracing spring by making a beautiful flower that can be made into a lovely note for you to pop into your window or to give to someone perhaps you can’t visit at the moment. We hope you enjoy today’s activity, remember to

  • With love from TRAIL

    We would like to wish every Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Carer, Support worker every young and old person, a good day. Please see here, our third activity to do at home, enjoy and please share. Remember to check back every day for more. With love from TRAIL


    Our second activity is now online, instructions pictures and what you need list are all available on the activities to do at home page. We intend to bring you a new activity every day to keep minds and hands active. So check back daily for more great ideas.

  • From today we will be posting a daily craft projects on the web site on the activities to do at home page. These will all be easy to make for young and old alike, from common household items and recycled materials where possible. Please share them, make them and enjoy them. Every week we will

  • TRAIL @ Exeter Cathedral

    We are pleased to be inviting the public to make a live sculpture with us over the course of the day. There are some amazing speakers and workshops, come and say hello. The Big Green Event Exeter Cathedral

  • Available Now TRAIL 2020 Artist Brief

    This years TRAIL artist brief is now available to read and download, for your copy visit our site at www.trailat.co.uk or click on this link.

  • TRAIL’s Plastic Reduction and Redemption

    TRAIL started out as annual exhibition event and our sculpture trail goes from strength to strength. But, as the climate crisis has become more pressing and the science clearer, we have found ourselves engaged more and more in learning, education and collaboration with partner agencies on a year-round basis. Art and particularly sculpture remain at