Musical Decomposition

 “Musical Decomposition”

By patients and staff of Langdon Hospital, Dawlish.
This piano, warped and beyond repair, now celebrates decomposition and regrowth.
Although slightly out of tune, the piano is still playable. 
Feel free to play and you might notice it animate some of the creatures!

Submission information

The main body of the sculpture will be made from an upright piano. 
This is a second hand piano from our music department which has now become warped, beyond repair and was destined for the skip.

Rather than use recycled plastics and synthetic materials for our sculpture we are hoping to restrict ourselves to recycled but biodegradable objects and materials, and the sculpture will be a reflection and celebration of the decomposing process (and the subsequent regrowth).

The old broken down piano will be covered in sculpted insects and creatures that aid the process and possibly include some plant life that would naturally benefit from decomposition.

The piano, though out of tune will still be open and should provide an interactive element to the passing viewers of all ages who will be able to play it.