On our lovely walks around the South West, we have collected cans from the roadside; beaches and public area’s. 
“We hope that there is a future for the next generation’s and that we don’t destroy this beautiful world we live in”. 

We are both very keen on recycling and keeping the environment clean and tidy, so it’s no surprise that we constantly pick up litter when we are out and about. 
This project started last year after collecting a bag of cans and deciding to decorate our fence at home… so that’s when we started cutting! 
Last year we installed a installation at The Larmer Tree Festival of about 200 Butterflies coming out of the undergrowth. 
We are both delighted now to bring our recycled Butterflies to the Teignmouth for the summer. 

Vanda and Steve Apelt. 

Vanda & Steve Apelt