Glove Wind Socks
Harnessing the Wind
Made from non woven medical waste fabric, which mostly ends in the land fill. Creating useful items from this material is limited, but Veggie Bags to replace plastic bags when shopping. 
These are available at Voyager in the Art Quarter, Teignmouth along with Gloves of various sizes.

Gail Marshall 

1962. Life. Devon. Dyslexic. Sewing. Textile. Machines. University. Design. Innovation. Freelance. Consultant. Collaboration. Research. Development. Industrial. Wholesale. Retail. Weddings. Costumes. Designer. Futuristic. Classic. Modern. Science. Historical. Military. Sport. Local. National. International. London. New York. Los Angeles. Models. Photographers. Magazines. Internet. Runway. Art. Spectacular. Achievement. Repair. Reuse. Recycle.


Hands Across The Sea