TRAIL are proud to announce their collaboration with ACT in making collaborative art pieces for the upcoming ACT with the ARTS climate festival from 22nd to 29th June. The Festival opening will be at Newton Abbot, where the collaborative art piece will be unveiled. below are ways in which you can get involved and learn more about ACT and the work they do in helping us to create a greener, more sustainable future.

Forest of Hope – A Collaborative Art Piece

TRAIL, in partnership with ACT, is extending an invitation to all schools and community groups to participate in a representative art installation. This project aims to showcase the thoughts, hopes, and commitments of our young people for a cleaner, greener future. Each school and group is encouraged to create sustainable art trees individually, which will collectively form a ‘Forest of Hope’. The collaborative art installation will be featured at the ACT with the Arts Climate Festival in Newton Abbot from the 22nd to the 29th of June. To join this engaging and inspiring collaboration, simply download our activity brief and confirm your participation by sending an email to All trees must be submitted by 1st June to ensure they can be added to the forest

FREE Workshop opportunity

“Tree of Hope” A Collaborative Art Project by TRAIL and ACT Join us for a special one-day workshop brought to you by the TRAIL and ACT collaboration! We are thrilled to unveil our thought-provoking art piece, a recycled tree sculpture, set to be showcased at the upcoming ACT Climate Festival in Newton Abbot on June 22nd.

Two, 1-day workshops will be taking place at TAAG Arts & Community Centre on April 28th 10 am-4 pm

and Newtons Place, Newton Abbot on 8th June 10:30am-12:30pm

These workshops invite you to decorate repurposed wood and share your aspirations for a greener future by writing them on fabric ribbons to adorn the tree and the opportunity to create a small tree of hope which will then be added to the ‘Forest of Hope’ Let’s come together to make pledges toward environmental conservation and create a symbolic representation of our collective commitment to positive change. These FREE workshops are open to all who are passionate about making a difference!

ACT with the ARTS Festival details

ACT with the ARTS Festival