We are The Ness Group. A mission led organisation that helps individuals and
families living with memory loss. Our mission is to delay further cognitive
deterioration and maintain those living with memory loss in their homes and with
their families. We strongly believe that you can maintain brain function by keeping
your brain active and stimulated using targeted therapy and by staying socially
That is what we focus on at The Ness – social, engaging, small group therapy that
actively fights the disease and can prove the ability to delay deterioration.
However, we also advise families and offer them care, respite, compassionate
support from the moment they notice changes to the final days of an individual’s
Our brand image is of a brain divided into puzzle pieces and we chose this very
carefully for 2 reasons:
● The first is that as the dementia disease progresses our ability to understand
the individual’s reality is a little like fitting a puzzle together and it takes skill,
compassion and understanding to fit the puzzle pieces together and enter
the context that individual is living in.
● Secondly as the disease progresses it can feel for the individual like pieces
of themselves are disappearing and like pieces of the puzzle are being lost
leaving them with less sense of themselves and their place in the world
around them.
It is an incredibly hard disease to live with and we feel so privileged at the Ness to
be able to help and be with the family for the journey. Please get in touch if you
would like to find out more.