‘Throwing it all out of the window’

by Sam Lock

March. Lockdown began, the towns and roads became quiet… no rubbish strewn on grass verges… no littered paths… no beaches marred by reckless dumping.

Was this a chance for us to stop polluting, littering and not caring for our planet?

 May. A drive through opened… cars queued for two hours… engines running… roads for 3 miles around were littered with plastic lids, boxes and bags.

It seems all hope and sense has been thrown out of the window!

Made from wood underlay, plastic bottles and ‘drift’ buckets.


Photo courtesy of Claire Twitchin

by Sam Lock

Coral reefs cover just 0.1 per cent of the ocean but are among the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet, supporting 1/4 of all marine species. They occur in over 100 countries and sustain human society through livelihoods and food security from fisheries, revenue from tourism, erosion prevention and protection from extreme weather. Coralreefs are also the Earth’s “medicine cabinet.” Many medicines have been derived from coralreef organisms.

Over 70% of the world’s reefs have been threatened or destroyed by shoreline development, runoff, physical damage, over-harvesting of fish, destructive fishing techniques, diseases, and warmer seawater temperature.

Made from reclaimed wood, carpet underlay, bottle caps, ‘drift’ rope, netting, and plastic bowls.