• Online voting now open

    Voting is now open for you to choose the winner for the TRAIL 2020 Public Choice Award. Click on the link below to go to our voting page, click on the image of you favorite sculpture to place your vote VOTE HERE

  • FREE tickets available now

    Our annual FREE recycled art workshops will be running from 12th to 28th August at the Teign Heritage Centre, Teignmouth. Tickets are Free but limited, book now to guarantee your space. These workshops have been made possible with funding from The Teign Heritage Centre will also be open to visitors from 21st August, for more

  • Weekend activity bundle

    Friday 22nd May 2020. Click here for another weekend activity bundle for you to enjoy and share. From bright colour picture making in the style of Romero Britto to nature paint brush and paint making. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share your makes with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com

  • Puppets!

    Monday 11th May. Puppetry originated around 3000 years ago. Some believe that it originated in China, in the form of shadow puppetry. Others believe it originated in India. Some of the earliest kinds of puppets were the tribal masks with hinged jaws and jointed skulls used in religious ceremonies. Puppets evolved from these masks into doll

  • Bank holiday weekend activities

    Bank Holiday weekend activities. As May the 8th Marks the 75th VE Day Celebrations we have created a collection of themed activities and crafts for you to enjoy. We hope you have a good weekend and we will be back on Monday morning with more daily activities. See our activities to do at home page

  • Celebrate in style

    Friday 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. This years VE Day was due to be marked with a series of national events across the UK. However with the announcement that the lockdown was extended these events will not be able to take place. To ensure that VE Day is still celebrated

  • Monday 4th May. Finally a use for all that junk mail! get crafty with todays paper bead making instructions, make some jewelry, decorations or many other projects. www.trailart.co.uk/?page_id=2915

  • Wish you were there?

    Sunday 3rd May. Wish you were there? Send a picture postcard. Create a picture postcard and send to family or friends or keep for yourself to brighten up your notice board or fridge. Check our activities to do at home page for this and other activities.

  • Magazine Mosaic

    Saturday 2nd May. Create a magazine mosaic with our quick and easy instructions, maybe a creative rainbow mosaic for your window or a colourful portrait, you don’t have to limit your ideas to paper you either you could get creative with tin cans, wood and card too. all the details are on our activities to

  • Is art your cup of tea?

    Thursday 30th April. Is art art your cup of tea? In today’s activity tea is the art. Have a go at creating a painting using tea or coffee all the instructions are available on our activities to do at home page.

  • Word up!

    Tuesday 29th April. Word up, today’s activity is a great exercise for the mind as well as for creating a great piece of art. Join us as we create some word art, choose your subject and get creative. Like it, love it, share it with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com

  • Flags of Hope

    Join us as we create flags as kinetic journals of hope and resilience through these unknown times. Display them outside, in your windows or share them online. We would like to create a visual of hope by uplifting and connecting all people through this flag project. please share your flags with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com or on

  • Birds and bugs

    Friday 25th April. Have you notice the beautiful songs of the birds now that everywhere is so much quieter? Today’s activity is a great recycled carton project that not only looks fantastic but serves a good purpose too. Create your own bird feeder or bug house with our instructions found on our activities to do

  • Abstract art inspired by Kandinsky

    Thursday 23rd April. Join us in creating a Wassily Kandinsky inspired abstract art. Find out about the artist, his use of colour and how you can make your own Kandinsky inspired tree on our activities to do at home page.

  • Karel Appel inspired art

    Wednesday 22nd April. Karel Appel is our focus for today’s activity, Appel created many brightly coloured pieces of art from varying materials including cork, bark and wood. Create your own Karel Appel style relief from many items you will find around the house. Have fun and please share your makes with us at trailartuk@gmail.com.

  • Anthony Gormley inspired figures

    Tuesday 21st April, Today’s activity is an opportunity to Sculpt your own Anthony Gormley inspired figure using salt dough. We hope you enjoy this activity, remember to share your makes with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com

  • Monday Mind boggle art

    Monday 20th April . We’ve had a taste of Pop art now for a taste of Op art, today’s activity is a mind boggling Optical illusion picture inspired by Bridget Riley. Love it? share it! send your pictures to trailartuk@googlemail.com and check out ‘The Peoples Gallery’ page for your makes

  • Art in the style of Arthur Wallis

    Exploring artist Arthur Wallis and his work is today’s ‘Art in the style of’ activity. Wallis used materials and paints he found to create his works and we encourage you to try the same, make use of old pieces of cardboard, wood off-cuts and paint with remnants of emulsion, acrylic and/or watercolour paint. Don’t forget

  • Have a dream?

    Saturday’s activity is brought to you from one of our younger artists at TRAIL, Violet. Violet wanted to share this activity with everyone after spending many hours creating these wonderful BFG inspired dream jars herself. We hope you enjoy this activity and don’t forget to share your makes with us for ‘the peoples gallery’ page,

  • Nicho Frida Kahlo style

    Hello everyone, we hope you are all well and still enjoying the daily crafts we are publishing. Todays activity explores craft in the style of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We would love to see your makes, email us at trailrtuk@googlemail.com so we can share them on our ‘The peoples gallery’ page

  • Matisse day

    Happy Thursday everyone. Here is our next in the series of activities on the theme ‘art in the style of’. Today’s activity explores the technique of ‘painting with scissors’ like the great artist Henri Matisse. We hope you have fun with this activity and remember to share your creations with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com so we

  • Art in the style of…

    Good Wednesday morning to you all. Here is our next in the series of ‘Arts in the style of’ activity. Today we are exploring the art of Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. we hope you enjoy todays activity, remember to share your makes with us at trailartuk@googlemail.co.uk

  • Naum Gabo Sculpture activity

    Good Tuesday everyone, today’s activity is following the theme of ‘Arts in the style of’ . Today we have chosen Naum Gabo, a Russian constructivist. We hope you have fun creating a sculpture, remember to share your creations with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com

  • Banksy style

    Good Monday morning, we hope you enjoy today’s activity based on the style of artist Banksy, don’t forget to share your creations with us at trailartuk@googlemail.com

  • Double yolker

    Happy Easter everyone, we have released two activities today as a gift from all of us at TRAIL. All the activity sheets are here, Enjoy and please share

  • Hoppy weekend

    Hoppy weekend to you all, we hope you enjoy today’s Easter themed activity. We would love to see your creations too, please send photos of your creations to trailartuk@googlemail.com Remember to check back daily for more

  • Good Friday to you

    Good Friday to you all. We hope today’s activity brings you hours of fun either as a solo challenge or with others at home, send us pictures of your creations for us to share

  • Late for Thursday early for Friday

    My apologies for today’s late craft activity, i hope it was worth the wait. Today’s activity is the nice reflective craft of journal making, I have created a destination journal for myself filled it with hand drawn pictures, photographs and magazine cut outs of places I would like to visit after isolation. You could make

  • Picasso you

    Today’s activity is Picasso inspired portrait art for all to enjoy, perhaps you could make a set of Picasso inspired family portraits or even a portrait competition in your home. We would love to see what you create, please send us images of your crafts to trailartuk@googlemail.com so we can share on our website. Have

  • Become a portrait artist

    Good Sunday to you all, today’s activity is one that you can have endless hours of fun with, using minimum resources found in your home. We hope you enjoy today’s activity, why not send us a picture of your makes, email trailartuk@googlemail.com Remember to check back daily for more

  • Bunny tin

    Good morning and welcome to another day on planet earth. Here is today’s activity, an Easter themed craft for all to enjoy. Why not try another design of your own? Maybe a frog or other animal. Have fun, keep crafting and check back daily for more.

  • Weave away

    Top of the morning to you all. Today’s activity is a traditional craft with a recycled twist, you can make your weave up from plastic, material and all sorts of other recycled materials. We hope as always that you enjoy today’s craft, remember to check back daily for more.

  • Things we would like to do

    Hello everyone, today’s activity is a nice reflective craft opportunity. We hope you enjoy and remember to check back daily

  • Tuesday, play day

    Good morning one and all. Today’s activity is a fun drawing game for all to enjoy, with minimum resources needed this game is sure to be a good one to play at home and when out and about in the future. Email pictures of your creations and we will post them for all to enjoy

  • Time flies, do you need wings?

    Time certainly has flown today, without further delay, here is today’s activity. This is a wonderful activity for decoration or in role-play, you can make them as big or small as you like and in any colour too. Enjoy and remember to check back tomorrow for more

  • Sunday craft

    A warm Sunday greeting to you all. Today’s activity is a versatile craft that can be used and made in many ways for many occasions. We hope you enjoy today’s craft, check back tomorrow for more.

  • A Friday ‘tweet’ for you all

    Hello all, it’s strange but true, today is Friday. I’m sure we’re not the only ones forgetting what day it is. Here is today’s activity, continuing with our spring theme, paper birds. These cute little birdies can be made from scraps of paper, wallpaper, old magazines or envelopes. I have decorated my window with a

  • Ladybug, ladybug, oh lady, ladybug

    A crafty good morning to you all. Today’s activity adds to our current spring theme and what is so great is you can make tons of these to decorate walls, windows and anywhere else. Have a crafty good day, and please remember to share

  • Daisy, Daisy give me…

    Good morning all, today’s activity is a lovely spring-themed craft. You can follow the instructions to make a daisy garland or mix it up a bit and make it into a greeting card, table decoration or any other ideas, you decide. Have fun, check back daily and remember, please share.

  • X’s Oh!

    Good morning to you all. Today’s activity is an easy one but will provide many, many hours of play. We hope you enjoy this activity, remember to check back daily for new activities and please share.

  • Just a note…

    Good morning one and all, here is your daily activity. Today we are embracing spring by making a beautiful flower that can be made into a lovely note for you to pop into your window or to give to someone perhaps you can’t visit at the moment. We hope you enjoy today’s activity, remember to

  • With love from TRAIL

    We would like to wish every Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Carer, Support worker every young and old person, a good day. Please see here, our third activity to do at home, enjoy and please share. Remember to check back every day for more. With love from TRAIL


    Our second activity is now online, instructions pictures and what you need list are all available on the activities to do at home page. We intend to bring you a new activity every day to keep minds and hands active. So check back daily for more great ideas.

  • From today we will be posting a daily craft projects on the web site on the activities to do at home page. These will all be easy to make for young and old alike, from common household items and recycled materials where possible. Please share them, make them and enjoy them. Every week we will

  • TRAIL @ Exeter Cathedral

    We are pleased to be inviting the public to make a live sculpture with us over the course of the day. There are some amazing speakers and workshops, come and say hello. The Big Green Event Exeter Cathedral

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